Sunday Worship & Kids Ministry

Sunday Morning Services at Hope Central Church

We hold Sunday Morning Services every Sunday at 10:30 AM. Until further notice, we will hold our services in person and on Zoom.

You're invited to join us for our morning service either way! If you are a new member of our congregation or a curious visitor, you may email us at and get the link. You can also ask to be added to our weekly e-mailing list. 

 Or everyone is welcome to join us on Facebook live or on our Youtube channel. 

Children's Ministry at Hope Central Church

Kids Corner 

is in the back of the sanctuary, where there are cars and trucks to play with, a car rug, magna tiles, blank notebooks, coloring books, big crayons (for little hands) and twistable colored pencils, as well as some sensory toys and re-usable drawing tablets. 

Please encourage kiddos to use this space, as it was made just for them!