Our Ministries

Ministry of Justice and Compassion

At Hope Central Church, we believe God’s peace and justice are intimately connected with our faith and our lives together. We have been called to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, and visit the sick and imprisoned. We believe justice is prophetic, relational, active, and always challenging us – as individuals and society – to become what God is calling us to become.

Here is just a sampling of our Justice Ministries:

Fast-track Grants

Fast-track grants are an expression of the richness and diversity of Hope Central Church’s justice commitments, and a way to support and encourage participation in God’s peace and justice. If you are a Hope Central Church Covenant Partner (anyone who has joined the church), Hope Central Church wants to support a cause that matters to you. Our fast-track grant program provides a quick and easy process for requesting a grant (of up to $250) for justice work. A grant may support a nonprofit organization, contribute to an event or activity, or provide help to someone in need. To apply for a grant, complete a Fast Track Grant Application.

Small Groups 

At Hope Central Church, we believe the point of Christian life is not just going to church, but “being church” in our everyday lives, and so we are working hard to develop a network of vibrant, engaging small groups. The idea of small groups is that they can gather just about anywhere, and do just about anything: study the bible, create art, watch movies, eat together, explore spiritual practices, write poetry, take hikes, play music, etc. The content and venue may vary, but the purpose is the same: to gather together to share life, tell stories, pray, serve, and grow deeper into a life of faith.

Here are some of the small groups that are currently or periodically active. All are open to newcomers. We encourage you to contact the church office for information for any group that might interest you. 

In Discernment for Ordination 

Our congregation is blessed with the spiritual work of raising up and supporting individuals for ministry. We are blessed as many seek to deepen their own sense of the divine through practice and service to the congregation, the neighborhood and the world. Some of these individuals seek to do service as ordained ministers in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) or the United Church of Christ.

The following is our current candidate for Ordination. We ask you to pray for them and all who seek to rely on God for life and purpose.

To support those who are candidates for ordination, Hope Central has a Discernment for Ordination Team and support group. Individuals seeking to answer the call to ordained ministry must:

Hope Central’s Discernment for Ordination Team and pastor represent the body of Hope Central Church in formulating the recommendation of one of its members in the process of ordination in either the United Church of Christ or The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination. The team is comprised of both ordained and lay members of the Church who are committed to supporting and endorsing candidates who fully understand their call and are prepared and able to carry out the work God has called them to do.

The team meets with candidates at least two times per year. These meetings are structured to question, support, challenge, bless, and love the candidate at each phase of the discernment and ordination process.

By participating in the support group, candidates for ordination form collegial bonds, learning from each others’ experience about ordaining organizations, service leadership, field education placements, confidentiality, sabbath, and boundaries, each one teaching one.

Our community has ordained (from the newest ordained):